Massive change needs action on a massive scale, which is why Send My Friend to School asks schools and young people to raise their voices, rather than raising money.

Your Member of Parliament (MP) is the first link in a chain of influence all the way from you to the world leaders whose decisions will affect whether we can achieve education for all. See our local to global links fact sheet for more information.

GCE and Parliament

The Global Campaign for Education in the UK works with MPs and Peers to help generate debate and discussion on international education within Parliament.

APPG Global Education for All

Gary and Danielle Lineker outside the Houses of Parliament with young campaigners wearing 1GOAL tshirts

Young Ambassadors Ronan and Rhiannon attended the Parliamentary launch of the APPG with football icon Gary Lineker and wife Danielle

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Global Education for All is a group of parliamentarians from both the House of Commons (MPs) and the House of Lords, and all major parties, who have come together to support UK action on achieving universal, quality, basic education.

The APPG aims to:

For more information and news about APPG activities you can visit the APPG Education for All website.