Send My Friend to School brings together thousands of children across the UK to speak up for the right to education, and remind world leaders of their promise that all children should get the chance to go to school.

Global Campaign for Education

Send My Friend to School is the UK coalition of the Global Campaign for Education.

The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) is a global organisation working to ensure quality education for all children, with members in over 80 countries.

In the UK the campaign seeks to increase community awareness of the state of education internationally and generate the political will necessary to ensure the UK plays an active and effective part in efforts to secure education for all.

Over twenty charities and teaching unions work together as the GCE UK coalition, delivering the Send My Friend to School campaign and undertaking parliamentary and advocacy work.

You can also find out about GCE around the world at In the UK over twenty charities and teaching unions work together in favour of education for all as the GCE UK coalition.

Education for all

In 2015, world leaders signed up to a new set of commitments for a better world to tackle issues such as hunger and poverty. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are a successor to the Millennium Development Goals and they include a goal of providing education for all, up to the age of 15, by 2030.

There is a global education crisis: 263 million children are out of school, and many of those who are in school are not learning.

World leaders must do more. At the current rate of progress it will be 2084 before every child is in school. Thats over 5o years later than promised. Children are only children once – we are at risk of leaving a whole generation behind.

Send My Friend to School – your questions

How can my school get involved?

You can join the campaign by filling out this form. You will receive a free Teacher’s Pack with everything needed to get your class involved – including case studies, campaigns films and activity sheets.

How does contacting my MP help in getting education for all?

image - action2015 young peole talk to CleggYour Member of Parliament (MP) is the first link in a chain of influence all the way from you to the world leaders whose decisions will affect whether we can achieve education for all.

Is this a new campaign?

No, Send my Friend to School has been running since 2005. We’re part of a huge global movement called the Global Campaign for Education. Take a look at the Campaign timeline to find out what we have achieved so far.

Who else is involved?

Over 10,000 schools and youth groups, and millions of children, have been involved so far in the UK. Take a look at the your stories section for examples what young people have done around the UK.

By joining Send My Friend to School you become part of something really huge, because right around the world people are also calling for education for all. More than 18 million people in 100 countries have taken part in campaigning activities.

In 2008 we set an amazing world record when 8.8 million people all did a lesson at the same time to make it the World’s Biggest Lesson, and this year, young people will be raising their voices right round the world to make sure world leaders make the right decisions for education in 2015.

Can we raise money to help?

Massive change needs action on a massive scale, with the support of governments and international organisations, so Send My Friend to School asks schools and young people to raise their voices, rather than raise money.

If you would like to collect money, all the charities involved with Send My Friend to School support projects which help families and communities improve their situation and get children into school, and you can support any of them individually.

If you wish to make a donation to the Send My Friend to School campaign itself you can send it care of Results UK.

Please send your donation as a cheque made payable to Results Education, with a note to indicate that it is for Send My Friend to School:
Send My Friend to School
c/o Results UK
31-33 Broadway