World leaders have promised every child in the world a quality education but a key piece of the puzzle is not in place – the money to pay for this education – leaving the global picture with 263 million children missing out on school, and many of those in school are not learning. 

Education is powerful and transformative. For individual children and their families, but also for whole communities, countries and the world.

The benefits are endless – education can provide stability to children who are displaced, open up paths out of poverty, reduce the likelihood of war and conflict, contribute to a healthy planet, is vital for long-term growth and critical for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

World leaders have made a clear promise to ensure every child in the world gets a quality education by 2030. Yet we are massively off track – by current projections we won’t achieve this promise to the world’s children until 2084 – over 50 years late.

The world is experiencing an education crisis – together, the international community know how to solve it and have committed to doing so – but the missing piece of the puzzle is how to pay for it.

This has to change and 2017 is the year to make it happen. In 2017 world leaders will be pledging money to the Global Partnership For Education, the world’s joint fund for education. It is essential that this year we call on the UK government to play their part and increase their investment in education.

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