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Supporting every child’s right to go to school.
“World leaders must prioritise the needs of children with disabilities NOW.” Ade Adepitan, broadcaster, Paralympic medallist and disability campaigner

The GCE UK Young Ambassadors met with the 2014 Nobel Prize Winner at the launch of a new education campaign.

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We already know that 500,000 young campaigners took part.

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Watch our new short film with highlights from our 2014 campaign.

Well done everyone for all your hard work!

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Millions of young people are joining in with global education campaigning around the world.

Our brand new photo gallery shows highlights from Nicaragua, Greece, Somalia and other countries too.

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A winner has been announced for the Big Idea competition, which called for ideas for the 2015 Send My Friend to School campaign.

Elena Facchini won for her idea of using workmen’s signs to demand that children go to school rather than work.

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Send My Friend

10 hours ago

Watch GCE Young Ambassadors speaking to Nobel Prize winner, Kailash Satyarthi - https://t.co/WMDbi31aHo